Automotive Repairs in Montreal

Automotive repair montreal

The list of corporations that they have signed with is quite an impressive one. Located in Quebec, they offer their services to Montreal Island and the surrounding areas. Such companies as, Pfizer Canada, Otsuka, BMS, Hospira, Avon, Novartis, and hundreds more. What Valet Express offers is company fleet maintenance and the ability for a company's employees to simply walk into work, contact their company, and have their car picked up and serviced during that work day. The car will then be returned to them by the time that person's shift is completed. Companies love Valet Express because they've seen a marked drop in their employee absences from automotive problems and a marked decrease in fleet breakdowns.

We live in a fast-paced world and no one wants or even has the time to take their vehicle to the repair shop. You spend hours sitting in a service station waiting on your car missing work. Sure, you can drop your car off, but usually by the time you're out of work, the service station is closed. This holds true for both employee vehicles and fleet vehicles. You don't want your company or your employees sitting idle. Enter Valet Express with a very different option. The company will place a kiosk inside a corporate building, usually near the door, and the employee that needs their car serviced simply walks over, hands the representative their keys, explains what's wrong, and goes about his or her work day knowing that their car will be taken care of and returned by the end of their work day. It's really quite impressive. The kiosks are sleek and well put together, so you don't need to worry about an eyesore upon entering your building.

If your company isn't large enough to warrant an entire kiosk, not to worry. There are a few other set up solutions that smaller companies can place within their buildings that offer the same options. You probably don't need to worry about dealership warranties either. It seems that Valet Express has that headache covered as well. They've partnered with such companies as Acura, Audi, BMW, Honda, Ford, Lexus, and the list goes on. This enables Valet Express to safely service your vehicle without issues arising with your cars warranty guideline. The suppliers that they use aren't bottom list. You can be sure that your parts come from some of the best and most popular companies available. On the off chance that your automobile needs a little more tender loving care than expected, there are also a few rental companies that they work with. You will never be stranded.

If you're unsure whether Valet Express is what you're looking for, the company also offers you a trial period. There aren't many automotive repair companies that are willing to do that for you; if there are any others at all. It seems that they've thought of everything right down to seasonal promotions. They offer monthly and online specials for all of their customers to take advantage of. The offers can also be found at their service counters within the customers' buildings.

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