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I’ve got a cold and my NeoCitran ran out yesterday. I sent my wife to the pharmacy to buy some more, but she came back with a different cold medicine. Apparently, there is a shortage of NeoCitran these days. Novartis, the manufacturer of Buckley’s NeoCitran, has shut down its Nebraska plant for maintenance and improvements. This is the plant that supplies Canada, hence the shortage. It isn’t just a shortage of NeoCitran either. These other products are also affected: Buckley’s, Excedrin, Maalox, Otrivin, Triaminic, and SlowFe.

Fortunately, the pharmacist was very helpful in pointing out which cold medicines would be a good replacement. We have found that it is always worth your while to ask your pharmacist for help. I can’t say that I like the taste of the new medicine, but it sure does the trick: