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When it comes to local businesses, Hello Neighbour has been supporting them for over 12 years now. We pride ourselves in offering the best customer service possible as well as helping the integration of small businesses in their communities. Through Social Media, Search Engine Optimization, Business Video profiles and Communication, Hello Neighbour offers great exposure to any business, big or small throughout their neighbourhoods.

Everyday is a new day for Hello Neighbour, never knowing which interesting business affiliation will join its over 1000 businesses. When you sign up with Hello Neighbour,  you are more than just another business.

We will do everything to help your business thrive and to get your name out there. Giving you the results you need to be successful. Hello Neighbour also offers the use of coupons as a means to attract new and potential customers with savings. This is a great way to begin your loyalty base in a business. The coupons are entirely your choice, as to how many will be on your profile, as well as what the discounts and offers will be.

Your profile page, will be created by Hello Neighbour, with description of your business and up to 5 pictures of your choice. The profile page will be automatically available in French and English when you sign up.

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Helloneighbour.com is now booking appointments for video business profiles! If you are a small local business, and would like a video profile done, feel free to contact us at Helloneighbour. Leave us your name, your e-mail address, and choose the ‘Other’ option under the subject bar. Give us the name of your business as well as a brief description of what it is that you do. We will then proceed to sending you a welcoming package which includes all information necessary to begin! Thank you!

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