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Martial arts have a stigma of promoting violence and for causing people to be reckless. This couldn’t be further from the truth. At JKS Karate in West Island, students are taught to be respectful towards others and to do all they can to avoid a violent situation. The secret of these martial arts classes are to promote the mind, body and soul. All while focusing on improving a person’s wellbeing.

Through the routine physical training, students have the ability to tone and train their muscles. This improves physical health and can help to combat obesity. Reflexes in turn improve, as the body is trained to perform precise actions that will help a person to enjoy a long, healthy life. In fact, there is often an improvement in cardiovascular health with continued martial arts classes.

Not all martial arts exercises are the same either. It’s more than just a few wild punches and thrusting weapons around. There are different styles that are used to join the mind, body, and soul. Some of these include karate, kickboxing, Jiu Jitsu, Mixed Martial Arts, and even Street Wise classes.

At JKS Karate, the mind is also empowered. Meditation is a part of the process, so an individual can clear their mind. This allows for more clarity in all areas of their life, while allowing them to make wiser decisions. With a clear mind, there is also less of a risk of dangerous and impulsive decisions that can occur. In fact, those who practice martial arts find they are more focused and have the ability to remain calmer.

There is also a sense of belonging. Those who go through martial arts find that the group bands together and this forms alliances. You go through experiences with each other and there is a degree of trust that is obtained as you work closely with these individuals. This then carries over into the rest of the world as you go out and spend more time together with this group of people.

Children will also find that there are a number of beneficial reasons to consider martial arts. To begin with, they will obtain a sense of self-worth. Through the discipline and structure of these courses, there is a value they place in themselves that boosts their self-esteem and they will hold more value in who they are. Many children also experience an increase in their self-confidence levels.

Through the positive influences found here, they are also less likely to lash out during their teen years. They are taught the value of conflict resolutions, and the importance of being respectful to their elders. At the same time, they have a safe, clean, and healthy environment. This group can help them to avoid the peer pressure that is associated with drugs and alcohol, while allowing them to make the right life choices.

As you can see, there is more to martial arts than simply throwing a punch, and going out an attacking people. This is a process that improves a person’s mind, body, and soul. It is something where they can continue to grow as a person and is something they can stick with through their youth, and continue on into their golden years of life. After all, this isn’t just a sport, it is a new and positive way of life. Join a karate class in West Island today and discover all it can do for you.

This post is sponsored by JKS Karate in the West Island. Post written by Hello Neighbour.

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