How To Score in Bowling

Learn how to score higher in your bowling game.
Learn how to score higher in your bowling game.

It’s true that when you toss your bowling ball you can throw caution to the wind and pray for the best. But there are some surefire tips to help you improve your results when you are bowling. All this is done without having to invest hundreds on products that promise to boost your score, or to take an overly complicated approach to the game.

Understand your Alignment

First, is to understand your alignment. When you toss your ball at an ally, you’ll notice the oil on the lane will affect the ball. You can use the natural draw and help it to better align the direction of your ball. You’ll want to adjust your technique for the individual lane so you boost your number of strikes and to better manage the ball when you are going for a spare. When you spin the ball into the oil pattern on a lane, you’ll see the ball skid and this is a useful technique when you are looking to boost speed. In turn, working it away with an opposite spin causes friction and allows for more gain. When you learn to master this area of the lane, you can see a sudden increase in your score.

Consistency is important

Consistency is also important when bowling. When you master technique, it is important to maintain the same skid and control each time. That means working on delivering the ball at the same point behind the foul line, and ensuring that you repeat the cycle of success. This will deliver better results and is one of the things that professional bowlers have been using for decades to achieve perfect scores.

The Critical Spare

When you don’t manage a strike, the spare is a critical part of the equation. You need to ensure you are hitting the pocket and capturing the difficult spares. The best way to do this is to practice different techniques and see what works best for you in each situation. When you have a surefire approach done with corner spares, and splits, you can work on improving your efforts and your underlying score should continue to increase.

Tossing the ball

When tossing the ball, straighten your wrist. You’ll want to hold your hand straight and swing the back from out and back. Then rotate your wrist, hand and fingers on the arm toward the opposite side of the body as you push the ball forward. When your hand reaches the point of your ankle, release it like a handshake.

Patience when learning to bowling

Above all, don’t expect to have the results you’re looking for overnight. Bowling isn’t something you’ll master in a matter of minutes. Instead, it takes time and a great deal of practice to work with. You’ll need to learn how to test lanes and to gain a better understanding of the lanes you are playing in. As you do that, you can throw the ball with ease and achieve better results.

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