How companies orchestrate social media programs within their organization

Link: How companies orchestrate social media programs within their organization


Key findings from a report by Spredfast, a social business software provider for corporate social media management:

  • Companies are expanding social engagement opportunities through increased publishing and activity. While a few companies published more than 155,000 messages that garnered over 250 million interactions, the average company published 4,924 messages.
  • Social media is no longer one person’s or one team’s job. On average, 29 people are participating in social media programs within a social media management system (SMMS) across 11 business groups and 51 social network accounts. 
  • Social media is allowing companies to communicate directly and reach an “opted in” network like never before. Companies have an average social network size of 1.8 million people with an average potential social reach of 47 million impressions over one quarter. 
  • Publishing is heavier on Twitter, though engagement on Facebook is higher. Companies are publishing an average of 50 messages per day on Twitter as compared to 16 messages per day to Facebook. However, Facebook yields 549 engagement interactions for every message published while Twitter yields 60.
  • Corporate social programs are multi-channel efforts that require employees to participate in a variety of roles. Companies are expanding social beyond simply the marketing or customer service teams, and engaging internal subject matter experts in social activity to deliver relevant, interesting content to audiences.