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Buying a car can be a difficult choice. With all the different styles, prices, features and experiences.

The only ways to really make your mind up about a car is to test drive them, get a feel for the steering wheel and the accessories and features offered and compare them depending on model and make.

If you have had a good experience with your past brand, then you will most likely turn to that brand again. Be sure to check reviews on the car you are about to purchase/lease to be entirely sure of what you are getting. A lot of new models may have some faulty equipment.

In any case, if you are in search of a new vehicle, here are a few suggestions in the Montreal / Laval areas:

Ideas, ideas, ideas. Running out of ideas for what to do for a family member or friend’s birthday party?

Well, here are two suggestions that will absolutely thrill them! (Speaking from personal experience.)

First off, who doesn’t love that exhilarating feeling of being chased after with paint filled balls? Running around, trying to eliminate the other players and trying to not get hit yourself. It’s a heart racing, fun filled adventure when it comes to Paintball! The best part is, you get to keep memories through bruises! HAHA! Just kidding! Although the balls do sting, you won’t even realize it because you will be having a blast!

Paintball is not just fun, it also promotes good health, by keeping active!

Second suggestion, Go Karting! Of course everyone has gone Go Karting before. If not, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? It’s fun for the whole family! Take a ride in a miniaturized race car and pretend you are on the track! You will even feel as if you are in an actual race, with scores, lap times, and positioning! All the protective gear is included! Remember to drive safe at all times, you are there to have fun!!!!!

Find the action!

Save a birthday!
Learn new things!


Online advertising has of course become a multi-million, if not billion, dollar enterprise what with the entire world online at one point or another at any given time of the day. Surely if you’re a brand manager or brand marketer you know the value of online advertising as part of an overall integrated marketingcampaign.

For sure you have thought of getting a tattoo at least once in your life. Even though today many people consider tattoos overrated, or useless. Or having a tattoo makes you a bad person….Well we all have our own opinions right?

People get tattoos for various reasons. Some may be to remember a loved one, or something they believe in, or some may be just to express what they are really fond of through art.

Don’t let other people influence your decision. You are your own person, and do with your body as you please. If you truly believe that getting ‘Inked’ with something that represents you, is absolutely necessary, then do it!

Find art, Save it, Learn to express yourself 

Have you thought of what you would be interested in? Something adventurous, something exciting, something different? Here are some suggestions to what you can do as a hobby, while promoting good health!
You probably haven’t thought of this, but yoga is becoming very big. It is great for all ages and helps you relax and test your limits, of meditation as well as flexibility and inner strength.
Your probably saying ‘oh yoga is a girl’s thing’ or ’ I can’t do any of those things!’ Well 1 yoga is for everybody, and 2: you’ll never know if you don’t try.

If you are completely against the idea of yoga, here’s another suggestion… Martial Arts! Learn self-defense and test your strengths. This could be a fun way to get out and learn something new, and is also much like yoga great for all ages.

A lot of the time, when people hear Martial Arts, they think of Jackie Chan Or Jet Li or even Chuck Norris! Maybe not Chuck Norris. Or they think of just beating everyone up. That is not what Martial Arts is about (entirely) it’s also to promote physical health and fitness, as well as mental, physical, and spiritual development.

Find a hobby!  Save Yourself!  Learn discipline!   


We have all said in point in time, that we will join a gym. How many of us actually do?
It’s hard to find the time with busy schedules and looking for the motivation, but the gym could be good, not only for health reasons or personal achievement, but for ‘me-time’.

Every person needs ‘me-time’, which is time to just escape everyday life and do something of personal interest. In this case, the gym. It’s a great way to blow off steam and get that unwanted weight off your shoulders. (No pun intended)

It doesn’t have to take up too much of your time, about an hour every 2 days, I mean it’s better than nothing, right? You don’t necessarily need to become the hulk, unless that’s what you truly want.

And of course, there is the issue of money, well, most gyms offer trial periods to engage the client, to see if they enjoy it or not. In this case, it’s hard to find a reason to not join, especially since you benefit from it.
Plus there are always discounts out there to help you get the motivation you need, for example printable coupons.

Find the motivation!   Save yourself!   Learn to love it!      Stay Active!

Gutters, everyone has them, everyone hates cleaning them.

But what people may not know is that if you do not clean your gutters regularly, they could get damaged and need to be replaced. Especially during winter.

In the fall, leaves get trapped in the gutters, and as it rains the leaves turn into heavy gunk. Now we all know this, but some of us do not know that during the winter this gunk freezes, and could cause cracks, and even create weight distribution problems for the gutters.

A lot of this gunk gets stuck in the main escape drain, which is usually where the water escapes to prevent flooding. Damaged or clogged gutters could potentially lead to basements flooding, paint damage and foundation cracking, just to name a few.

Keep your gutters clean this year or you may have a possibly sticky situation on your hands.

Winter is around the corner and well, believe it or not, your trees just like you need taking care of! The rough winds, cold temperature, snow and of course ice, could easily damage your trees!

One thing to remember if you are in fact taking care of your own trees during the winter is, ICE. Tree branches tend to accumulate ice during winter storms which makes for very unstable branches. The weight of the frozen water creates risk of the branch cracking.

Strong winter winds should also be kept in mind as they could cause breakage of high branches.

If you have young trees, protect them from winter’s wrath. You can either wrap them in burlap or a plastic covering, as well as wrapping the bottom of the tree in thin metal sheets or thick plastic.

For more tips, visit:

Pépinière Pauls

Pépinière des Sources Nursery inc.

The golf season is almost at an end, as temperatures drop, so will your ability to swing!
Take advantage of the time you have left to enjoy a nice time out on the course, either reminiscing or rambling about past and future experiences!

Make golf an outing for you and your family, friends, neighbours, colleagues, anybody!
We all just want to have fun on the course anyways, so no matter what age you are, get out there, feel the cool breeze of fall on your cheek and hit that ball as precisely as you can, and most of all HAVE FUN!

Check out Golf 18, an amazingly creative business which allows you to play on simulation Pro Golf Courses

And also get a free virtual tour of Falcongolf ‘s beautiful 18 Hole Golf Course located on the outskirts of Montreal!