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The list of corporations that they have signed with is quite an impressive one. Located in Quebec, they offer their
wine making in the West Island
Many of you love to drink wine, but do you know what it takes to make it? There are many
Martial Arts - JKS Karate
Martial arts have a stigma of promoting violence and for causing people to be reckless. This couldn’t be further from
Chiropractor West Island
Click here to find Chiropractors in the West Island History of the Chiropractor We owe the existence of chiropractors to
It’s true that when you toss your bowling ball you can throw caution to the wind and pray for the
Small ball bowling or candlepin bowling is different from traditional bowling in several ways. The origins of candlepin bowling stems
Bowling as we know it today is also referred to as tenpins. In this game, a heavy ball with three
What are EMV credit cards? EMV credit cards are smart cards with integrated circuits that allow point of sale (POS)
Now that the snow has finally melted away, we see what our front steps are looking like. Yikes! They’re crumbling
Spring Break is just around the corner. It’s been a busy winter, and I am really looking forward to a little
  IT IS WORTH HAVING YOUR CHILD'S EYES CHECKED REGULARLY There are many abilities that you child needs in order
It is mid January. The days are still short and cold. The ground is still frozen and covered in a