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Métamorphoses Organisation

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Métamorphoses Organisation was founded in 2007 & operates primarily in the Montreal Metropolitan Area.  Our symbol, the butterfly, represents the metamorphosis that people must go through to achieve true change.

Métamorphoses Organisation will help you organize your home, your office, your space or your family so that you become more efficient. Let us help you save time and reduce your stress.


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We abide by a Code of Ethics as outlined by our professional association.



Our Organization and Management Services include:


Space Optimization


  • Kitchens & pantries
  • Bedrooms & closets
  • Utility rooms (garages, attics, laundry rooms & basements)
  • Childrens' rooms & playrooms
  • Home offices
  • Craft & hobby rooms
Métamorphoses Organisation home office before/after     Métamorphoses Organisation playroom before/after


Family Management


  • Managing your child's homework
  • Handling messages from school
  • Rush hour management (AM departure & dinner time)
  • School lunches
  • Activity management & taxiing
  • Bedtime

Time & Paper Management


  • Meal planning & groceries
  • Bill payments
  • Vacation preparation

Other Organization Services


  • Downsizing assistance
  • Garage sale preparation & operation
  • Home sale preparation
  • Moving & relocation assistance
  • Renovation preparation
  • Setting up of small warehouses or workshops


Tupperware® Products


In addition to our organizing services, we offer Tupperware® products to organize the kitchen and bathroom areas.  Our most popular products are shown below.
To see the complete line of current Tupperware® offerings & special promotions, visit our Tupperware® web page: Métamorphoses Tupperware® Web Page


Tupperware® products  Tupperware® products



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