FG Audet & Associates Inc.

FG Audet & Associates Inc.

Suite #1110
2075 Robert Bourassa
Telephone 514-840-0001

Telephone 514-840-0001

Legal Services - Montreal - West Island


Lawyers specializing in Civil, Commercial and Criminal Law


Our 30 years of experience help to insure that your legal rights are respected.


With over thirty years experience in civil and commercial litigation, our firm is well poised to help you out of any difficulty you might find yourself in, whether it be an insurance claim following a personal injury, a fire, a disability claim, an accident, a dispute concerning hidden defects as well as a divorce, separation and custody disputes. We are also able to represent you concerning CSST and SAAQ claims as well as all criminal matters.

We have a very flexible payment plan that ranges from an hourly fee to a flat rate and/or contingency fee. We are there to assist you and endeavour to make justice accessible to you.

Our team of lawyers are able to serve you in French, English and Spanish.

We work with a variety of experts in every field in order to give you the best possible representation.


Our legal services include:


  • ▪ Insurance claims
  • ▪ Accidents / Medical malpractice
  • ▪ Bodily injury
  • ▪ Civil and Commercial litigation
  • ▪ Divorce / Child custody
  • ▪ Estates and Wills
  • ▪ Immigration / CSST / SAAQ



  • ▪ Impaired driving
  • ▪ Shoplifting
  • ▪ Fraud
  • ▪ Drugs
  • ▪ Conjugal violence
  • ▪ Assault etc...



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