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Pet Grooming Studio in the West Island, Montreal


Dog and Cat Grooming and Boarding

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In 1992, a dream of mine became a reality: I opened the best pet grooming studio in Montreal!

After 20 years in business, my customers and my success have proven to me that I have accomplished my goal of uncompromised customer satisfaction. 6000 very satisfied customers are proud of their beautifully groomed pets!  To compliment our GROOMING SERVICES , we also offer BOARDING SERVICES for dogs or cats which allows our customers to leave their pets in our caring hands for short or long periods of time. We have successfully been dedicating specific days on which you may book an appointment to have your dog's teeth BRUSHED AND DETARTERED!!!!  We all try to take good care of our pets coat and must include their dental hygiene as well.


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Adorable Animal dog grooming  Adorable Animal dog daycare

We always want you, our clients to be proud to say that your favorite pet is being taken care of by the BEST GROOMERS  in TOWN!! 

Adorable Animal has always had a fabulous reputation of taking care of even the most challenging pets.  Not all dogs and cats are fond of grooming and some are simply scared, nervous, elderly or perhaps have some type of medical condition that needs special care or attention. 

We rely on our clients to make us aware of their pets special needs and pay extra attention to all of these matters during a grooming and will do our utmost to ensure that their pets grooming experience is the least stressful as possible.


Adorable Animal pet care

Neighbours, veterinarians and pet-store owners all recommend Adorable Animal. We will always take the time and effort necessary to ensure you and your pet are completely satisfied.

Without a doubt, ADORABLE ANIMAL is the most trusted dog and cat grooming studio in Montreal with the best reputation around.  There is a very good reason we are known as "THE  Place To Bring Your Pet"..... A WONDERFUL staff that truly loves and adores all of your most cherished pets.

It is our love of and attention to all your furry friends that has made us who we are today.  We hope to have the pleasure of meeting and grooming your best friend. 


Adorable Animal pet grooming and boarding




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