Advice by Access Driving School

Why Choose ACCESS Driving School over other schools?

The ACCESS Difference

For starters we would like to affirm that there IS a difference between driving schools. A Big one! The greatest asset of our school is not the very courteous and professional service you get in our office, nor is it our flexible program that can accommodate you 7 days a week. Rather, it is our driving instructors! These are personally selected certified professionals who also happen to be very patient and courteous people.

Consumers are often unaware that many schools recruit regular drivers and put them in the car with their students without any real professional training just to save on wages. While this might enable us to run a cheaper course we appreciate the responsibility of teaching you some of the most important skills you will learn in your life and take that responsibility very seriously. Unlike most lessons that we take in our lives, only driving lessons given by a quality driving school can save a life on a daily basis. As such the first question you ask a driving school should not be “How much is your program?” Rather, it should be: how are your instructors trained and how long have you been in business?

Best of Both Worlds: In-Class Theory and Internet Learning

We combine in-class theory lessons taught by an instructor with computer based online exercises done from the comfort of your home via the Internet. These complement each other and in combination yield the highest success rates while retaining the indispensable benefits of personal instruction!

To clarify the online theory practice differs and by far surpasses the exercises handed out on CD that are in circulation. Our program always caries the most current information in contrast to old CDs made years ago. In addition to this clear advantage you will have extra resources in the form of links to sites with more information on any topic as well as mini-videos that illustrate certain topics that are better understood through visual explanation.

Custom Courses and Extended Hours Tailored for your Lifestyle

We recognize that every student has different experience levels and skill sets. As such we make it our priority to tailor lessons to satisfy each student’s special needs! We provide you with a Free take home manual to guide you in your training at home and help you master the driving skills needed for success. This has various exercises that will benefit drivers of all skill levels. We also offer extended hours of operation to meet your busy schedule 7 days a week / morning to evening.

Certified by Quebec Safety League

Since we are certified by the Quebec Safety League, you will only have eight months to wait after receiving your learners permit before you are eligible to do the road test (as opposed to one year with non-certified schools).

Upon completion of your course you are eligible for insurance reduction on your car. This reduction is available to you because you did your lessons at a driving school that is certified by the Quebec Safety League . Most insurance companies will offer you 3 years experience or 30% reduction, which should save you hundreds of dollars per year.

Competitive Pricing

Our pricing is always Very competitive despite the high quality service you receive. Since our services are subject to price changes please contact us at for a quote on our services and we would be happy to answer you.


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