Advice by Arborfolia

I am planting a tree in the spring. Any tips on planting?


"A $100 tree in a $200 hole is better than a $200 tree in $100 hole."

A tree is a lifetime investment in your property, your community and the health of our planet. Spend the proper amount of time preparing the hole. Wider is better than deeper.

1. Plan for a mature tree, allow enough space for your tree to be a permanent fixture on the landscape
2. Make it wide enough to allow for the roots to spread out quickly (2.5 times the width of the root ball)
3. The hole should not be deeper than the root ball
4. Ensure that the root flare is visible (the trunk should never be covered)

Tree Myth #1
Trees have a massive root system probing deeply into the soil for all water and nutrient requirements.


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