Advice by Proxim - Ralph Mokbel

Haemorrhoids: prevention

Here are a few recommendations in order to prevent the recurrence of existing haemorrhoids:

A) Bathe or take a shower every day. Cleanse the skin around the anus delicately with water. Soap is not necessary and may actually increase irritation. Dry carefully as humidity may cause constant irritation.

B) Take warm sitz baths 3 to 4 times a day

C) If internal haemorrhoids appear outside of the anus (prolapsus), push them back gently inside the anal canal

D) Use moist towelettes instead of toilet paper after defecating. Hamamelis-water compresses (Tucks) may help relieve itching and the burning sensation temporarily.

E) Apply a cream or an ointment. Suppositories do not always treat the proper locationand may irritate the rectum hence the superiotity of creams and ointments. They contain different ingredients such as local anesthetics (products that numb the area) e.g. benzocaine and pramoxine (Nuppercainal, Anusol-Plus), protective agents such as vaseline, glycerin or zinc oxide (Anusol). Anti-inflammatories such as hydrocortisone reduce the swelling and accelerate healing. However, they can only be obtained with a prescription.

F) Use a fecal emollient (stool softener) such as sodium doccusate (Colace) in order to facilitate defecation if necessary.

In cases where haemorrhoids are more painful or chronic, your doctor may recommend different treatments:

1) Haemorrhoids ligature
2) Cryosurgery
3) Injection of sclerosing agents
4) Laser
5) Surgery (if other procedures have failed)

Consult your local pharmacist for further information...


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