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Nausea and vomiting

Nausea is described as the urge to vomit, while vomiting is the forced expulsion of the stomach’s content. Many causes are possible (ex: pregnancy, medication’s side effect, motion sickness) but with the gasto, viral microorganisms irritate the stomach (vomiting) and the intestines (diarrhea). Now how do we treat nausea and vomiting caused by the gastro? Besides the traditional pharmacological way (dimenhydrinate or Gravol) or the natural way (ginger tablets), here are a few non-pharmacologial tips:

1) rest
2) stop temporarily the ingestion of solid foods
3) avoid food which are spicy, fat or with high content in fibers.
4) avoid alcool, cafeine, chocolat
5) eat easy to digest food ( bread (no butter), fruit jams, dry cookies, chicken broth)

As you now know from the previous tips, rehydration is probably the most important of all. If commercial preparations of electrolyte solution (Gastrolyte, Pedialyte, Gatorade,) are not available, here is a home made recipe:

Rehydration solution

- Unsweetened orange juice (no pulp)...360ml
- Boiled or natural source water............600ml
- Salt......................................................1/2 teaspoon

Rehydration solutions must be taken with small amount at the time, but frequently during the day (30-60ml every 30 minutes). They are however not stable for a long time so a fresh one should be made every day and kept in the refrigerator. Finally, the best way to avoid catching the gastro is.....

Washing your hands !!!


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