Advice by Paintologists

Aluminum Siding Can Be Restored

“UV rays cause deterioration of siding paint.” says Andre Zylinski of the Paintologists. “The paint oxidizes and goes dull and powdery.”

Zylinski claims that these old and tired-looking finishes can be brought back to life with a special cleaning process or recoating if necessary. “Recoating will make the siding look like new” he says “the coast is twenty-five percent of replacement and is expected to easily last ten years.”

The preparation for recoating requires a fast pressure cleaning to remove the oxidized powder. The finish is etched with a special soap and lightly sanded to give grip to the coating. Windows, molding, etc. are masked to protect from overspray. The technicians then spray three coats of acrylic coating (which is especially formulated for aluminum). The result is a sparkling satin factory-look finish.

“In many cases,” Zylinski explains, “it only requires a pressure cleaning. The cleaning will remove the white powder and almost all stains on the eaves troughs and that frequent yellow stain below the eaves.”

Cleaning the siding of a whole house can cost as little as $200.

The company also has a process to restore wooden decks to the original wood colour, making it look new again. The wood is coated with a penetrating sealer to preserve the natural look and protect it from UV damage.


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